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About Us

At Adjudicate Online, we exist for one purpose: to improve the way we resolve disputes. We offer dispute resolution that is cheaper, faster, and fairer than any other option available. Using Adjudicate Online is similar to going to court, except you'll save tens of thousands of dollars, you'll spend weeks instead of years, and, most of all, your voice will be heard.

How It Works

Our process includes the basic statistical principle: that two heads are better than one – and that fifty are better than twelve-or- less. In a typical dispute, your case may be heard by a single judge, a panel of three arbitrators, or a jury of twelve people. At Adjudicate Online, critical issues are heard by a crowd, made up of a statistically significant number of trained arbitrators with a history of keeping private information confidential. The arbitrators will review your case, register their position, and explain their decision.

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